My Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is relatively straight forward. Whenever I collect personal information about clients, it is for the purpose of carrying out work for the client. I never sell or rent personal information belonging to others and I do not release it to others except where it is needed to carry out work for the client. I do not gather personal information about clients unless it is reasonably required for work on behalf of a client. Here are some examples:

  • Our firm retains records of the work we have done because it is good business practise to do so and the Law Society of Saskatchewan requires it.

  • I would need to give a client's personal information to others within my firm so that we can carry out work on behalf of a client.

  • I will need personal information from a client to carry out their work. However, I will not ask for information unless I am satisfied that I need it. For example, I would not ask you for your social insurance number or drivers' licence number unless I need to verify who you are or as part of your work. Keep in mind that I might need a copy of your passport, for example, if I am preparing documents to help you be married abroad or help someone immigrate to Canada. In other words, I won't ask for personal information unless it is reasonably related to the work I need to do for a client.

  • Personal Information about clients is not released to others without the client's consent except where it is necessary as part of our work. For example, if I invest trust money on your behalf to earn interest because it will be held for a long period of time, the bank typically cannot invest it unless I give them your social insurance number. This is because Canadian tax law requires them to have it. If I am helping you puchase real estate, I cannot register the title in your name unless I give your mailing address to Land Registry. If I am preparing a court document for you to sign, it must be filed at court and the general rule is that court documents (except perhaps in some family law matters) are publicly accessible documents. These are only a few examples of how I must give a client's personal information to others in order to carry out work on a client's behalf. If it is not part of carrying out the work, I do not release it. For example, if someone called and asked for a client's address or birth date but it was not a part of carrying out work for the client, I would advise them that we cannot identify clients and we cannot give out their personal information without their consent.

  • Whenever our firm destroys paper products, CD's or data disks, they are deposited into a locked bin kept in our office specially for that purpose. From there, they are shredded. We have a contract with a very reputable firm specializing in that type of work to ensure that the paper is kept secure and immediately shredded. We are given a certificate attesting to the proper destruction to ensure confidentiality.

    No Spyware or Malware

    I don't have any spyware or malware on my website. Here's a link to McAfee Site Advisor and Norton Safe Web (the anti-virus companies) that shows they have both tested my website. Click Here for McAfee Site Advisor and Click Here for Norton Safe Web

    Notice:The information on this website is general in nature only. It relates to Saskatchewan, Canada and may not be applicable in your jurisdiction. It does not constitute legal advice to you and no solicitor client relationship will be established. A conflict check would also be required before our firm can act for someone. You should seek specific legal advice regarding your circumstances from a lawyer entitled to practise law in your jurisdiction.
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